• Lily Ponnuthurai

April - A Month in Review

Yay, it's may!

We hope everyone who celebrates Easter, had a nice one with lots of chocolates and fun. We've been doing Easter all month.

On the 6th we did a militant easter bunny shoot with Steph. Zac made the costume for under $50, which is pretty cool. The theme of the shoot was also his idea, which is why he made the costume.

We had lots of fun with Steph and even though this isn't her main focus for modelling she was still awesome.

We've started working on our new project. It's a webseries about average Canadian citizens and their thoughts on current issues and Canadian politics leading up to the federal election in October of this year. We've started filming some more formal interviews, and we went to Toronto for a 4/20 party. This was the first 4/20 since the legalization of marijuana, so we talked to lots of people on their thoughts on weed and other issues.

You can watch that video here

Lily finished her final year at college and will be graduating this summer, which is both sad and exciting.

Then on the 30th the Canadian Love team was back in Toronto for a rally against Doug Ford's cuts. We got a lot of different views, and it was nice to see so many people supporting the same cause.

It was a crazy month but we're excited to be moving forward.

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