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January- A Month in Review

January was a busy time for everyone, including us. We want to try to keep busy as much as possible with shooting, even if it's just for ourselves.

This month started with a birthday party for a little boy named Bishop, which ended with a cake smash and bath time! Zac was the designated frame holder and I did most of the photos. We had a nice time, his grandfather introduced us to all the guests which was sweet.

Dad is holding his son, Bishop while mom holds a fake moustache on his face. All three are inside a frame with big buttons on the corners
Bishop with his parents

Our next event was the Mike Taylor tribute concert that happened downtown Burlington. It was very cold, Zac was wearing two pairs of gloves and his hands were still frozen. I only had one pair of gloves, but I was wearing two pairs of pants so who really won that one? The concert was cool, but also sad, There were almost tears, but they probably would have frozen so I'm glad there weren't any.

This was something we just wanted to do for ourselves, and to honour Mike Taylor and his family.

All the bands on stage singing "lean on me" with Walk Off the Earth

Walk Off the Earth being gifted a hockey jersey from the Sound of Music

I was chosen to shoot an event for Mohawk College's International Partners Event, but sadly Zac could not attend with me. This event was at the Old Mill in Toronto, which was lovely. I was tasked with running a photo booth during the event, and walking around and photographing interactions when I had the chance. During the award ceremony all recipients would stand with the dean and get their photo taken with their awards in front of the backdrop. There was a table of people sitting behind me which made my job slightly more difficult because I could not step back when it was a larger group. I got it figured out in the end, and then we did a large group photo.

January was fun and a good start to the year. We are hoping to be able to pick up more gigs each month. We are planning on running mini's in the future so if you'd be interested in those make sure you follow us on our social media to get updates when those happen!

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