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March - A Month in Review

March started off pretty slowly, but oh man did it pick up!

We started the month with Kitchener Comic Con on the second and third of the month. We had lots of fun with everyone who stopped by our booth for photos and chatting with other vendors and attendees.

Lots of amazing cosplays, and cool takes on existing characters. We really enjoyed doing these photos and we would love to do more cosplay photos in the future, outside of the studio.

There is going to be another blog going up soon about our event checklist, so keep an eye out for that.

On the 17th we went out and did a second shoot with Hello Hopeless for their music video for their song "The Match". We were out at the drummers childhood home, where there is lots of open space. We shot for multiple hours, starting around 4pm and then we finished around 10pm. We did take a break, while we waited for the sun to set for the second part of our shoot.

Zac has been working hard on editing, and the last time I saw the video it looked amazing! I am excited to put it out.

Later that week, I shot in studio with model Steph (@stephsimpson97 on Instagram) for an assignment for my Creative Photography program. The point of the assignment was to not have the light pointed directly at the subject, and to bounce it off of something. I chose to use one of those blue sequin pillows to reflect onto her. It was a strange experience because the pillow didn't react to the studio lights in the same way that it does when you shine your phone flashlight on it, so we really had to test and play around with the lights on set. Overall I am happy with how it turned out and we had a good time.

Meanwhile, Zac has posted an ad on Fiverr and is getting a good amount of inquiry about editing videos, and planning for interviews that we're filming on the 23rd. So Zac is starting to get busy with lots of different video projects.

Behind the scenes of an interview with Aiden Wright

The interviews we filmed are for a documentary about a local haunted attraction now that it is closing. We met with the owner, and an old employee in two different locations, one of which was our in-home studio. The interviews lasted about an hour each, and we still have many more to do, including ones with both of us, because we have both worked with the business for multiple years, and we want to include our stories.

This will be an ongoing project so it's going to come up a few times in these blogs.

Zac has now gotten quite a few responses to his Fiverr ad. We've also put up a few kijiji ads, with some interest.

On the 31st we had a few meetings for some upcoming projects, that we're pretty excited for and we started making a costume for a shoot that will be happening the first weekend of April, which is going to be really fun.

We look forward to having some long-term projects in the works, and hopefully getting some smaller gigs in as well!

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