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February - A Month in Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Happy March!

February was more of a video month than January was, which we were super happy with. It started with us shooting a music video for artist Awwbree Beats' song "Gone" featuring Paper Latte. We started shooting at 8pm one night and we went until 12:30-1am. It was FREEZING that night but our model Lauren was such a trooper and was very willing to shed her winter jacket and walk around in her super ripped jeans and small leather jacket. We did take breaks in between to defrost our fingers (thank you to the shawarma place that let us warm up) before heading back out. As the night went on it just got colder. By the end of the night we were warming up in her car. Our very last shot of the night was on a bridge, which was super windy as well as had a surprising amount of vehicle traffic considering the time. We were only out there for maybe one minute, plus the time walking from the car to the bridge, but in that short time all of our faces went numb from the wind and the cold.

It was so cold but we did have fun during the shoot, and we are still working on the final product but once it's done we will post it in here!

Our only photo shoot from this month was a first birthday. It was in Cambridge at a wellness studio, which was a very nice space with beautiful big windows, although that didn't matter come time for the event. It went from 4- 9 pm, which I thought was late for a one year old, but she was awake and alert the whole time!

There was a lot of family and we were almost acting as as photobooth for pictures with the birthday girl and her family standing behind the table with her cake, which they had decorated with candy. That idea ended up backfiring when she started wanting suckers. They gave her one and oh my goodness did she make a mess! Got it all over her face and her hands, and at one point she was touching a family member with it.

After cake and dinner, everything pretty much started to settle down. Family started leaving and decorations started coming down, so we were getting ready to head out soon ourselves, but before we left we were gifted little goodie bags with candy and pink yogurt covered pretzels. I mention the pretzels specifically because Zac and I both LOVED them, they were so good. I think we need to ask the mother where she bought them from, because oh man, they were good.

The birthday girl

Our last shoot for this month was our music video shoot with Hello Hopeless. We did write a whole other blog post about that shoot, so if you're interested in that story you can read that here.

Filming "The Match"

We've got some exciting stuff happening in March so make sure you're following us on all our social media to see what we're doing!

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