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The Making of: The Match - Day 1

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

February 16th we met with local Kitchener band Hello Hopeless to film a music video. In the middle of nowhere on a property with an antique market and a soon to be closed haunted attraction, in negative four (feels like negative twenty) degrees.

After getting some wood for the drums to sit on and fully unloaded the mini-van, the drummer started setting up his drums while Zac got some individual shots of the guitarist and bassist, and two of their girlfriend's took the van to a Tim Horton's a few minutes away.

Zac getting a close up on the guitar.

Once everything was set up and he got the separate shots, we started to plan out the full band shots. When it came time to start playing, the drummer, Will, realized he forgot his headphones in the van, and the girls weren't back yet. He called but there was no answer so now we had to wait.

We used this time to get a couple band shots, and goofed around.

Once they came back, we got started on the rest of the video.

Zac did all the camera work himself so I just stood around and took some behind the scenes photos and a few short videos for us to use later for a project we are working on.

As I said before, it was wicked cold and they were playing in just their sweaters so they were really feeling it. After a couple takes they piled into the van and we were invited to join to warm up a bit, so we did. They had a show later that day so all their equipment was inside so it was a bit of a tight fit but we made it work. They drank their coffee and we warmed up a bit before heading back out to do a few more takes with different angles.

Sadly as I was getting out of the van, I slipped on the ice and cut my knees. There was a little bit of blood but the show must go on! So we continued to shoot.

Zac started rolling and they started the song, focused mainly on Nathan, the guitarist and main vocals for this song, without realizing he had both his snapback, and a beanie on. Once he realized, Zac told Nathan and without stopping the take he ripped both hats off and threw them, and then realized he needed the snapback so the grabbed it off the ground and put it back on while Zac was still rolling and the rest of the band was still playing. This all happened in a span of maybe 20 seconds.

Filming continued and Zac was getting some close up shots of the bassist, Garrett. They were getting cold so they went back to the van to warm up a bit again. I chose to stay outside so I didn't get knee blood on their stuff.

Once they were all warmed up Zac got a nice close up of the drummer doing a stick trick, seen in the boomerang below, before his fingers got cold. He did another full take of the song focused solely on Will and then did a wide shot of the whole band for a play through of the song.

We had a great time filming with these guys and are super excited to finish it up. We will post the video once it's finished! Here are some of the other pictures I got during filming, and Zac editing.

Zac working hard

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