Award Winning Videography

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Canadian Love

The Factory of Fear

Our continued work with one of Ontario's scariest haunted attractions, The Factory of Fear(formerly Bizarro's Haunt), has lead us to create a huge variety of work.

From behind the scenes of day to day operations, to advertisements, to podcasts, to a paranormal investigation mini-series, we can always guarantee that our next project will never be dull.


Canadian Love

An interview show about love, life and understanding. Real Canadian stories from real Canadian people.

From attending events to sitting down for a formal interview, we've done it all!

Directed by Zac King, produced by Zac King and Lily Ponnuthurai and hosted by Michael Masurkevitch.



We have extensive knowledge of modern live-streaming software and equipment, and have experience running long form streams online, gaming and live action.

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